Executive Protection Drivers

Whether you need a driver just to drive you around because we’re driving on the left-hand side of the road, or somebody a bit more cross-trained in driving and Close Protection work, we can provide you with experts to suit all your requirements.

All our drivers have their Professional Driving Permits valid and current.
Most of them have also done their Advanced Driving courses as well as Defensive and Offensive Driving courses.

Some of our crew are Advanced Driving and Executive Protection Driving Instructors.

Note to prospective clients: Executive Protection Driving doesn’t mean that the EP Driver will also act as a CPO (Close Protection Operative). These are two different jobs and require different skills and training. It means that the driver is cross-trained and knows the Standard Operating Procedures of a CP operation. This allows for smoother running of the assignment.
In fact we avoid as much as possible to provide CPO/Driver as one.


We can provide you with either low-profile vehicles such as standard or luxury sedans in neutral colours*, high-profile limousines such as Lincoln Towncars, Rolls-Royces or luxury vans.

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