Jobs & Training

fireing rangeFor employment applications, email a detailed CV with at least 3 contactable references to

After verification, and if fulfilling the requirements, your CV will be added to our database. You will be asked to come in for a practical assessment. Additionally, you will be expected to undertake continuous professional development training.

For more info on training modules, dates and prices, contact us.

Requirements to fulfill to work as a Close Protection Operative and/or Exec. Prot. Driver:
(Minimum legal requirements in blue)
(Minimum AEPN Security requirements: in black + all the blue)
(What you should aim to achieve in blue, black and grey)


  • South African ID Document (green bar-coded ID and/or Passport)
  • PSIRA Registration Certificate (minimum grade B and Close Protection of persons US 11510)
driving skills2.Driving Skills
  • Unendorsed South African Driver’s Licence (minimum Code 8 / EB)
  • Valid Professional Driving Permit
  • Defensive Driving Course Certificate
  • Anti-Hijack + Skid-pan + Offensive Driving Course Certificate
firearm training3.Firearm Skills
  • Firearm Competency Card (SAPS) for at least one of the following:
  • Firearm Competency Training Certificate Hand-Gun (Nafta, ITA)
  • Firearm Competency Training Certificate Shot-gun
  • Firearm Competency Training Certificate Rifle
  • Firearm Competency Training Certificate Hand-Machine carbine
  • Own Firearm (if any) and accessories.
  • Proof of current membership and log-book of a Sport-Shooting Organization (Pref. IDPA/SADPA)
4. Unarmed Combat Skills
  • Martial Arts Training Certificate (Pref. a full contact sport / Amok)
5. CPO Training received
  • CPO Training Certificate (by a recognized training company e.g. DeltaOne, Dynamic Alternatives, NSA, Ronin)
  • Proof of experience in the field and contactable references.
  • Proof of military or Police experience.
6. Medical Training
  • Medical Certificate of fitness by an accredited Medical Practitioner
  • Basic First Aid / Level 1
  • First Aid Level 3
  • First Aid Level 5
7. Extras
  • Bilingual: English / Afrikaans
  • Foreign languages
  • Radio Operator certificate
  • Boat Coxswain Licence
  • Commercial Pilot licence

Fore more info on training modules, dates and prices, contact us.

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