Do you really need VIP Protection?
There’s no doubt about it, South Africa is a dangerous place to live in or to travel around in.

Tour Operators, Travel agents and the South African Government in general will try to gloss over the crime situation in SA, as they need tourists to come visit South Africa as a major travel destination and as we prepare for the 2010 Soccer World Cup.

But, as an executive in your organization, you need to be aware of what is really happening on the ground, where you are going to be during your stay in South Africa.

We have some of the world’s worst crime statistics, close to 20,000 murders and 50,000 rapes in South Africa last year for 46 millions citizens. These statistics are only the reported crimes. More and more crimes go unreported as the South African population loses confidence in its Police force.

Don’t wait until you also become part of these statistics.

Be proactive.

Make sure that yourself, or other executives in your organization, your family and/or guests are taken care of by professionals.

Shop around for the best personal protection you can afford. Don’t go necessarily for the cheapest one. As with everything in life, you will get what you paid for.

Why should you use AEPN as your VIP Protection service provider?
Africa Executive Protection Network is the one of the few VIP Protection companies to have been involved in most of the international events held in Cape Town over the past 6 years (see our Portfolio).

With us you rest assured that everything will be checked and then double-checked. Your itineraries, your accommodation, meeting places, vehicle, restaurants, clubs, shopping malls, even the people you will meet will be thoroughly scrutinized, first by our intelligence-gathering team then by the advance team just before you arrive*. Our Close Protection Operatives are selected for their ability to "think on their feet" as well as the more traditional requirements of our profession. No gorillas here!

We always try, as much as possible, to be unobtrusive and discreet while remaining alert and professional.

We are well groomed and well spoken. We are able to mesh in all cultural, educational and economic stratas and are adaptable although uncompromising in our personal work ethics. We are professionals and do not hesitate to put in longer hours when necessary. We are one of the few organizations employing all ethnic groups without any discrimination or prejudice based on gender, race and religion.

All our Close Protection Operatives are fluent in English and in a second language: either French, German or Dutch/Afrikaans.
* Depending on type and conditions of assignment.

What's in our name?
Africa: Because we are not only in Africa but of Africa.
Executive: We cater mainly for the executive market.
Protection: That's what we love and do best.
Network: To ensure the best resources availability both locally and internationally.

How do we operate?
You will be asked, directly or through your organisation, your Attorney or your P.A., to provide us, at least two weeks in advance, with information regarding yourself, your company, the dates and program of your stay in South Africa and various other things to enable us to make an effective risk assessment. We do not cut corners to save a few cents and end up putting our clients at risk. Once this is done, the contract signed and the deposit paid, we will take charge for all the security concerns during your stay to make sure that your sojourn with us remains safe and incident-free.

We define only 3 different threat levels, determined after a thorough threat assessment and based on criteria such as: personality and media history of the VIP, threat history, company history and policies, location of assignment, social conditions of location at the time of the assignment, etc.

Find below the minimum requirements in personnel for each level of threat.
Low Threat (escort/armed): Minimum 1 Close Protection Operative and 1 Driver.
Medium Threat (Threat Level Yellow): Minimum 2 CPO's, 2 Drivers and 2 vehicles.
High Threat (T.L. Red): Minimum 4 CPO's, 3 drivers and 3 vehicles.  

There isn’t such thing as No-Threat. If you request our services, it means that the risk has entered your mind and there is a threat.

We charge daily rates (12 or 24 hrs). We do not do hourly rates.

After receiving all the necessary information and programs for the assignment, a personalized threat level analysis will be made based on the principal’s profile.

After agreement from the principal on the conclusion of the threat-level assessment a provisional invoice will be drafted.

All clients will be required to pay a non-refundable deposit of 50% no less than two weeks in advance and the balance of their provisional account before the start of the assignment.

All assignment-related expenses incurred by the CPO(s) and/or EP Driver(s) are charged to the client’s account and billed separately.

Long-term clients are required to pay their account every week in advance.

The cost of the vehicle(s) depends on the model required and duration of assignment.

We also provide Chaperon services to the film industry, Personal and Assets in Transit, Point-to-Point security and consulting services. Prices are to be determined on a case-by-case basis

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